Mar 4 2014

Heard Of Dorian Yates?

dorian yeates the greates bodybuilder ever

Can you honestly call yourself a body builder if you havent!

Watch the video! then check out this great post that goes with it on 

In his career he had won 15 tournaments and only 2 of those he came in second place, so this guy is one of the greats, please take head to what he said and take the time to watch it and follow those links baby!

Feb 13 2014

A Great Fitness Workout

This fitness model workout!

Check this one out guys!

This dude really goes for it. I have to say it was a bit of a pain to try a few of them but I could really seriously feel the burn and a few days  later I,m already looking better! What a Jammy bugger!

Thanks dude you Rock!

If any of you have any other great fitness tips, bodybuilding tips or anything related to looking great and feeling amazing then please do share with us!

Feb 11 2014

So Ripped!

This guy is so ripped its disgusting!!

I want to know what this dude is on!

Enjoy and be sure to comment if you like!